Healing With Love

I have been writing “Healing With Love” for a few months now. It’s still in the very early stages and it’s been one of the toughest things I’ve ever worked on, mentally and emotionally. I know it will be a while before it’s finally completed for publication but after some deep thought I felt I needed to share this particular part sooner than later in hopes of it reaching someone who may need  to find their way out of the dark. Thank you for reading.

Healing With Love by Marcy Mendoza

“The love everyone seeks is inside us; the loneliness we may feel comes from not understanding that all the answers are within us all. We feel separate because we are told we are ‘separate.’ We are told that everyone dies alone; but we do not. We are never alone; the journey is never ‘alone.’ It is just a fear that was put in place to keep us from reaching our full potential. The truth is we are never really alone; we are one, all connected.

Compassion, love, forgiveness, understanding and empathy are our greatest gifts. Just like any other talent or gift; some of us don’t even realize what a great natural talent we have. It lay dormant smothered by negative thoughts and emotions. Many of us have never really tried understanding this beautiful gift and the amazing depth of the human heart and spirit.

To many, love based emotions are a hidden phobia deep in their psyche. A fear of getting hurt, taken advantage of, being fooled or possibly seeming weak. Love and unity is a truth of our being that society has tried to suppress along with many of the memories of who we truly are.

We have been desensitized to the pain of others. We have been taught it’s ok to laugh at pain, hate and judge others via movies, television and various media outlets; and lose the compassion and empathy that makes our species truly unique.

We need to rediscover our gifts of love, what love and all its associated emotions truly are. Not just love in a romantic sense but love in a universal sense. Love for your family, your friends, strangers, all living creatures, and mother earth. We need to use our love based emotions; i.e., empathy, truth, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, etc. Use these gifts daily to heal the world from the pain that has been inflicted on it for ages. Hone the love energy until it’s all we emit towards each other. Heal this world with love and create our own heaven here on Earth.

We do not have to physically die to experience heaven; ‘heaven’ is all in us. Love is a beautiful gift that we should share with each other. The greatest gift we can give one another. Love is the fundamental building block of life and without it we will not experience our true selves, without it we will not grow, we will not survive.”
Written by Maricela Mendoza – “Healing With Love”

June 3rd, 2016



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