Children’s Numerology

All my life I have wanted to help children heal in some way. Perhaps because my childhood was quite challenging I wanted to be able to be there for them so they would know that there are people who care and understand them and that they are not alone. I even wanted to be a child psychologist at one point and after a few months of working at a children’s mental health facility I realized that I was far too sensitive to work one on one with these children. Their stories were heartbreaking and I could not shake the sadness away. I had to make the tough decision to quit for my own well being. I applaud my friends that stayed the course and continue the very hard work that I was just not emotionally prepared enough to take on at the time.

After the realization set in that I would no longer be what I thought I would be I went through a rough patch of “What now?” And that was when my book “Jackula” was born. If I couldn’t help kids in person maybe I could help them through storytelling. Maybe I could write something that would make them feel less alone, help them understand, love and accept themselves and those around them.
I tried to get Jackula off the ground but I wasn’t able to make it happen. Life got in the way. Then 13 years later I finally was allowed the time to really focus on it, edit, rewrite, and get it shipped out to publishing companies. During that process I thought about how I could further assist kids on their journey and then it came to me! Children’s Numerology!

I wish I had the knowledge of numerology then to help me through those very difficult times. I kept trying to fit my square self into a round hole and if I had known then what I know now perhaps I would have realized my gifts sooner than later. Had my mom known that there is strength in a name perhaps she would have given me a middle name. But everything happens for a reason. I wasn’t born with many talents, I had to cultivate them on my own. Lots of trial and error, frustrations and challenges. Had my mom known that my path was to create and communicate in any form maybe she would have allowed me to take those after school art classes, that writing camp, get on that dance team. Like I said, it all happened the way it should and now I’m here to help those that want to help their children. So, as with everything, it leads me back to my mission. My mission to help others heal.
I will be doing children’s Numerology charts for parents who want to give their child the best opportunity for success.

I will also offer expecting families a way to name their child so their name aligns with their life path.
I’m working on chart protocols now and converting what is normally an adult format into something children can relate to. If anyone is interested please let me know and I’ll add you to my Numerology mailing list.

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