I have been following Doreen Virtue for years. I own many of her books and tarot decks. Her work is very healing and very inspiring to me and has helped me so much along my life’s journey. Now before you read this, when I use the word “God”,[โ€ฆ]

*I am not a doctor nor a licensed therapist. I do not give medical care, medical treatment or medical advice. I am a minister and numerologist. The only thing I offer here is my emotional support, compassion, love, understanding, knowledge gained, wisdom, spiritual guidance, tarot readings, and numerology[โ€ฆ]

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new site! My name is Rev. Marcy Mendoza. I am a spiritual life coach, healer, writer, master numerologist, and tarot reader. I created this site to provide my holistic services, share my passions, connect with aย larger audience, and share my knowledge and insight[โ€ฆ]