1 On 1 Numerology Guidance Session


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This 1 on 1 session will include a 1 on 1 numerology guidance session via telephone, FaceTime or Skype. During our session we will review your chart to help you better understand your numbers and we will discuss any goals you may have, dreams, fears, challenges, your past, your present, your future or just anything you may want guidance and clarity on.
The numerology chart will include your Life Path, Destiny, Personality, Soul, Birthday, and Attitude numbers. Along with a description of each number, your challenge numbers, compatible numbers, your strengths/weaknesses, your life lessons and ways to overcome the obstacles in your path.
I will also include some positive affirmations for your core numbers and a special notes section from me to you. 😀

Core Numbers Description:

Life Path Number: Your Life path number is derived from your birth date, and it is the most important number in your numerological chart. It describes your traits and who you are at birth, and outlines the opportunities, challenges, and lessons you will encounter in this lifetime. It also guides you to your destiny when followed.

Soul Number: Your Soul number – also called your Heart’s Desire or Soul Desire – indicates what motivates you down deep into your core. This is the number that reveals to you what fulfills you and drives you from a soul-level.
Personality Number: The personality number represents how we appear to others, the face we show.

Destiny Number: Your destiny number determines the purpose, goal, and direction of your life and what you will tackle and manifest. This number is derived by adding all the letters in your birth given name.It is Why you are here on earth.

Challenge Number: I like to call this the “learning lesson” number instead of the “challenge” Number. This number represents the lessons we must learn, overcome or or embrace in order to fulfill our destiny. These numbers tend to usually be challenging if you are living on the negative side of life.

I hope that by helping you understand yourself a little better, it will help you understand the world around you and help you grow to your full potential.
“The core of your greatness is encoded in your name and birthday. It’s time for you to realize your greatness.” -Maricela Mendoza 


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