How To Heal A Broken Heart

Heartbreak is painful, that is why it’s called “heart break”, not “heart intact”. lol To be honest, there is no easy way to mend a broken heart. It’s takes time, and time, when you are going through heartbreak, seems to go on forever. It’s what you do in that time that will either make your days unbearable or empower you.

I know many who like to drown their sorrows in alcohol and drugs but that just masks the pain and there is never any resolution or healing. The pain will rear it’s head at a later date because it was not dealt with and released in a healthy manner. You stuffed that pain deep in your cells and in time they slowly seep out, affecting other aspects of your life.

What must be done, which is the most difficult task in heartbreak, is accepting what is, learning to be alone again, letting go, moving on, loving yourself, and focusing on a healthy outlet for the difficult energy. Writing, (some of the greatest love songs have come from heartbreak), exercise, meditation, nature walks, and art projects are all great ways to channel that pain into something productive and worth while. Spending some alone time to rediscover who you are, not who you were in that relationship.

Learning to be alone is a difficult challenge for so many people. Even the TV in the background is a substitution sometimes for those who don’t want to feel like they’re home alone. This constant noise doesn’t allow for the mind to quiet down, there is never a moment of reflection when the mind is bombarded with chatter. Many times people get in relationships for this very reason. They hate being alone. People will create the most unhealthy attachments and stay in the most unfortunate circumstances just to not be alone.  It’s a sad reality. To change the pattern and to start creating healthy. loving, trusting, relationships the best thing a person could do after heartbreak is spend some quiet time alone to better understand who they are and what they are really worth. The relationship does not define you, you are still you without that connection.

Don’t let the heartbreak be in vain. Don’t dwell on the past, the “what ifs” and the reasons why it went wrong or why you hurt. Acceptance  and forgiveness of others and especially of oneself is the best way to begin to heal the pain. Don’t hold on to anger, belittle the past relationship or seek revenge for your pain. It’s toxic to the soul. Cry if you have to, tears cleanse the soul (but remember to stay hydrated.). Use the painful experience as a tool to make you a better person, more self aware person, not just for your next relationship but for yourself. Get to know yourself a little better from a deeper perspective, and grow from the experience. We came to earth for these lessons and our test is to see how we handle them. Will they make or break us? It’s up to us.

And remember, you have more depth, character, beauty and value now from being broken.

June 10th, 2017

Featured Art by: JagTigerSA



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