What’s Your Favorite Number?

You ever wonder how people come up with their “favorite” number? I have and I have discovered through my years as a numerologist that these numbers are not just random selection. Our higher all knowing self chose that number because it knows deep down it means something more.
I know a few friends and clients who have favorite numbers, numbers that they have had a fondness for since childhood. Some wore their number on a sports jersey, some gambled with their number, many declared it their “Lucky number”, and even a few of them have tattooed their favorite number on themselves without even knowing consciously the depth of its meaning.
The reason behind this, I believe, is because subconsciously and intuitively, they already know how important that number is to them and their life path.  The soul knows.
It turns out that when I did their numerology, that “lucky number” they always loved happened to to be a a core┬ánumber in their numerology chart. No coincidences. I always tell people that the numbers are the core of who you are, your blueprint for this life. Our intuitive soul picked the number that resonates with our path and guides us to where we need to be. It is aligned with our soul so of course it’s going to be lucky. So if you have a lucky number, I would not be surprised if that number is prominent in your numerology chart.

June 10th, 2017

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