My Mission Statement

I created Healing With Love almost 3 years ago to help me get through the sudden and tragic death of a love, Michael Joseph Christopher Kraesig. Besides my father, this was my first real loss. It was mainly just a project for myself but I made it public in case some of the tools that I used to help myself heal, could help others.

Since then many of us have lost people we love suddenly and one of those people was my niece, Rachel Megan Montoya, who committed suicide on August 16th, 2017.

Via this project I want to share the many things that have helped me along my journey. Film, writing, music, art, community, LOVE. The things that light fires in our hearts and help our soul heal. The things that help us feel less alone. The things that bring us together for the greater good of humanity. The LOVE.

I honor her and many others by continuing my mission in suicide prevention and grief support. I began this journey years ago to advocate for those that not only had no voice but had no choice while interning at a Mental Health Facility for children. I shine my light to help those out of the darkness of despair, those that feel damaged by the trauma inflicted on them, those that believed they became what they feared the most as children by no choice other than conditioning. I advocate to help them release the past and the pain that has been inflicted on them for ages. I am here to be a voice for those without a voice or the strength to speak out and reach out and an ear to listen when the outside world seems deaf.

I added a new resource link to my website for anyone struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts, self harming, and the loss of a loved one to suicide or otherwise. Please share with anyone who may need it. I love you, Megan


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