Love IS Key

I used to share signs and synchronicities on Facebook and I had stopped for a while because it was very time consuming and also because I didn’t think many would care or understand the depth of what I was sharing. The more I learned to let go of what people thought of me and released the concept of running out of time, the more I am able to relax and and share my journey without the fear of judgement.

And this story really has to be shared because it comes from a place of LOVE. A true story of how love transcends time and space. This is one of the many stories I am including in “Healing With Love”.

After my niece took her own life I had decided to begin a non-profit organization in her honor but it seemed the hurdles were much more difficult than I originally anticipated. I was feeling discouraged and I could not get the information I needed from the various sources I had been connected to.  I had feared that I would not be able to make this dream happen. So I asked for guidance from a higher source.

Late September I had been walking the dogs in Azusa and as I walked I began talking to my my higher self/ascended masters/God and asked for a sign to guide me on my path. What direction to go, how could I make my vision happen because I needed guidance and had nowhere else to turn but inward for the answers. And as I was walking I looked down and saw a yellow post-it note and the word “itzkee” on it. I thought to myself “what’s key?” “Communication” is key, “forgiveness” is key “positive environment” is key, “Faith” is key. All great keys, that open many doors. I thought I had it.

But…. I kept seeing it so I knew I was missing something. I racked my brain for a couple weeks, looking for the sign. Then I decided to let it go, stop looking for it. I had to remind myself of a great quote by RZA. “Some things aren’t visible until you’re truly ready to see them”. I figured the answer to this puzzle would come to me when I was ready to receive it.

So fast forward to yesterday we get to Running Springs/Big Bear for my niece’s memorial and it’s beautiful there! So serene and green, with such a beautiful healing energy. I would totally live there.

Anyway, we get to the church and it had a triangle logo, I noticed that immediately. The divine feminine. And stairs, lots of them. Like the stairway to heaven on one of the tarot decks I use to communicate with spirit. The church was built around a tree like a treehouse! It was so cool, just like I have envisioned my future tree house home. Such amazing and serene energy.😀

We were running late but we arrived to a beautiful celebration of life. The photo album of her childhood really spoke to me. We even made it in time to see my niece’s friend’s, Jackie and Nicole, sing/play a beautiful song for her on guitar and when they were done I felt drawn to to talk to “Jack-ie” and noticed she had a key around her neck with the word “LOVE” on it. I had an epiphany! “LOVE, IT’S KEY!”. It’s tattooed on my wrist, how could I not see what was right in front of me???

Then I told her the story about the “Itzkee” post it note I found while walking the dogs and how I’ve been trying to figure out what “is key” for a couple weeks now. I forgot about “LOVE” being key!  The master key that opens any door. She told me that she got this necklace years ago. It’s called a “giving key” and you give it to the person that is meant to have it. She has worn it for years and she said she heard God tell her that the key was meant for me, after all these years she finally heard who it was for. She took it off and put it on me. I’m still humbled and in awe by her actions. Love IS key. And LOVE found me when I needed it most.

I was lost for so long, forgetting who I was, why I was here, always looking for love outside of myself but once I began to love myself, believe in myself, have faith in myself, forgive myself and let go of the fears that had kept me trapped in a never ending cycle of bullshit, LOVE found me. Love keeps you going, it pulls you through the dark times. It cheers you on when you think you just can’t crawl another inch toward the finish line. It gives you strength to move mountains and reminds you every day just how special you truly are, you just have be open to giving and receiving it.

This message reminded me that if I just follow my heart, it will lead me in the right direction. If I let go of fear and come from a place of love, I can never fail. This book and this project is coming from a place of love. From the depths of my heart to remind you that LOVE never dies. It transcends time and space. It has no laws and it is the key to healing yourself and to accomplish anything you set your heart on.

The answer was in front of me the whole time. This is the very reason I etched it on my wrist, so I could never forget who I was, but somehow, I did and I needed this reminder.  I AM LOVE and I hold the key to my own happiness and so do you. It’s been in us all along. ❤️ Thank you, Jackie, for this reminder.🙏🏽

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  1. Rachael on said:

    Katie Ennis referred me to you and I would like to see about a reading.