22 Ways To Overcome Depression

Below is a video and a list of 22 ways to overcome depression. Please enjoy.


Ways to heal:

  1. Baby picture in wallet: If anyone suffers from depression, self loathing, self doubt, guilt, hate, etc., here is a nice little exercise for you. My friend took me to a spiritual healer a while back to help me with some past childhood issues, depression, etc. and one of the exercises she had me do was she had me find a baby photo of myself (I only have 1) and post it in a frame where I can always see it and a small one in my wallet. She said when I start self doubting and self loathing to look at the picture. “Would you ever talk to that poor baby that way? Would you ever treat that poor baby that way? Would you hurt that baby the way you have hurt yourself? Sit down and tell that baby that you are sorry for what she had to go through, it’s not her fault. And tell her that you love her and will always be there for her and be her biggest cheerleader. Every day that you walk by that photo, tell her she is loved and that she is not alone.  Don’t be so hard on yourself. Deep down inside, we are still that little girl or boy that just wants to feel safe and loved. You are good enough, in fact you are awesome. Believe. Try and look at others as if they are also that child, because they are and they too just want to feel safe and loved. So love each other and treat each other as you would a baby. Kindly. Because inside we all still have the same divine sprit as that baby. We just forget it upon re-entry. It really helped me so much. I still get in funks but I am 90% better than I used to be, and that’s ok because nobody is perfect.
  2. Mirror affirmations: Every time you walk by a mirror, say “I love you”, “You are Awesome” or any other affirmation that resonates with you. I remember when I started this people looked at me like I was vain, not understanding that I was doing the necessary soul work to help myself heal. So don’t care what others think. Your soul work is none of their business unless you make it their business.
  3. Crystal healing: I remember my first set of crystals. I received Crystal healing by Judy Hall and I used them when I we going through a terrible break up. Now people may think that crystals are just rocks but they are living entities. Ask any geologist and any computer technician. One of the key components in a computer is crystal quartz. It writes, transmits and receives information. We are energy, so crystals work the same way with us. We can program them to work on our energetic field and use them to heal many aspects of our energetic system.
  4. 432 Hz music and binaural beats: When my boyfriend passed away I began to see the deeper meaning of his death and one key component was the time of death. 4:32pm. That frequency helped me tremendously with healing. I made a playlist of both popular music and binaural beats to help me through this difficult time and I still listen to this day. 432Hz Popular Music Playlist
  5. Concerts: Getting out of isolation is key. The initial anxiety of being in a large crowd goes away once the music starts. Sining in unison with others is so healing for the soul. It creates portals that we can jump through to higher realms.
  6. Vitamin D: Sunlight is a natural source of vitamin D. Sunlight helps heal the pineal gland and a healthy pineal gland helps us see the truth. If you fear the sun or have a history of skin cancer, start by taking a vitamin D supplement.
  7. Grounding: Go outside and absorb the healing energy of mother earth. Hug a tree, dig your toes in the dirt. Jump up and down.
  8. Water: Drinking and bathing. Removes the negative ions and attachments in our auric field. Beaches are very healing. The salt water in conjunction with the ebb and flow of the water helps us to heal on a deep cellular level. If you can’t make your way to a lake or a beach, a salt water bath will do or even a shower with a salt scrub. The salt is imperative.
  9. Journaling/Writing: Writing is cathartic. It helps us also heal on a cellular level. It also allows us to return to our thoughts years later and reflect on our growth.
  10. Draw something, create: Paint, sketch, doodle, sew, write a poem, sing, mould, build! Anything creative help us tap into that 5D energy.
  11. Talking: Either with a therapist, hotline, or a trusted friend: In my case I could not go to a western medicine therapist because they could not understand the spiritual aspects of my self. So I found a  Holistic healer who was more in tune with my personality and psychic abilities. Where a western therapist would recommend meds, an eastern therapist would understand me on a soul level.
  12. Hypnosis: to get to the root of your depression. Quantum hypnosis will help you tap into your past lives and repressed memories. It will aid in bringing it to the surface for transmutation and healing.
  13. Exercise: Even 5 minutes of jumping jacks can get the endorphins moving.
  14. Hugs: a 20 second hug releases oxytocin into our system which helps us heal tremendously.
  15. Meditation: Even 5 minutes of mindful activity can be beneficial. Coloring a mandala, sitting silently, binaural beats, even washing dishes can be a meditation.
  16. Move: If you live in a toxic environment with with unsupportive people….Move! It may be scary at first but everything you want is on the other side of fear.
  17. Quit your job: If you are not doing what you love this can put you into a deep depression. So let go of the fear of not being able to take care of yourself and begin doing what you love on the side. And eventually what you are doing on the side will allow you to quit that job you hate. And you will be living your dream and not someone else’s.
  18. Help others: Mentally, physically or financially. In any way that you can. It gives you a new perspective on your own life and makes you feel useful. But make sure your cup is full because you can not give from an empty cup.
  19. Plant medicine; Psychedelics: Studies show that micro-dosing on psilocybin AKA mushrooms can aid in depression and bi-polar symptoms. DMT and Ayahuasca are also know to be extremely beneficial in healing depression.
  20. Gratitude: Always wake with an attitude of gratitude. I bless everything I eat and drink and when I go outside I say “Thank you for the air that I breathe, the food that I eat, the water I drink and the earth under my feet”
  21. Let go of attachments: Letting go of toxic relationships.
  22. Faith: Hope. Having faith that things will get better. Believing they will is key.


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