Not All That Glitters Is Gold

I just posted a list of ascension symptoms and one symptom brought a memory back. I remember a few years ago my friend Anastasia invited me to a yoga and meditation class with a Buddhist monk teacher. The teacher introduced herself as a Buddhist monk and informed us that she studied under the Dalai Lama and has spent years on her spiritual journey and would answer any questions we may have about the spiritual journey. Everyone was very excited including myself. I’m always open to knowledge and wisdom wherever I may find it. 
My 3rd eye had been opening since 1999 and I was excited to ask a meditation question I’d been trying to get answers about since I began meditating. I thought if anyone could answer my question it would be this Buddhist monk who studied with Dalai Lama and has extensive experience with deep meditation. She was very proud to be associated with the Dalai Lama. I sensed it was almost as if she validated her worth as a teacher with this connection. I could see right through her. But I wanted to be open to what she had to say so I put what I saw aside to enjoy the experience. 
After the meditation she went around the room answering questions. Most of the questions were very simple. How do I meditate? How long? Eyes closed or open? Etc. She answered them all with a bit of a “know it all” attitude. Everyone was so excited to be around her that they weren’t seeing beyond the veil. To the people in class she was “enlightened” and “all knowing” because of her title as a Buddhist monk and her connection to Dalai Lama. 
Then she got to my questions. “What do the geometric patterns and colors I see during meditation mean and is that something people normally experience during meditation?” Her answer… “you need to go to the doctor and get your eyes checked, sweety”. And everyone including her laughed. And I said “so you’ve never heard of that” and she said “no, it’s all dark when you close your eyes. You probably have a problem with your eyes, you might want to go get that looked at”. And laughed again. This “all knowing” being who studied for years under another “all knowing” being didn’t have an answer to my question and it made her uncomfortable. So she belittled my experience because she had never experienced it herself. It was a move I usually only see with narcissists and skeptics. Then my friend said “I picture a little man at the tip of my nose when I meditate, is that normal?” “Oh, yes, lots of people do, of course it is.” I was like wtf? Little man on nose? Yes! Geometric patterns and colors??? ABSOLUTELY NOT! 😂😂😂😂
After the Q & A everyone was praising her for such an insightful class. And she was eating it up. I thanked her for the “lesson” and left because there was indeed a lesson there. I’ll get to that in a minute.
The deeper I have traveled on my journey I have learned that what I experience during meditation is normal for those on the ascension path. It is one of the first things people begin to experience when their third eye opens. You see the patterns. Though imagination is a big part of the third eye experience you don’t just “imagine” the patterns. You actually see them with your eyes closed. It’s a psychic ability known as clairvoyance. Since she did not have her third eye open she could not “imagine” that it was possible to see geometric patterns with your eyes closed. Since her heart chakra was also not fully open she could not empathize with what I was asking and give me a compassionate answer. Her ego was bruised from my asking a question she didn’t have an answer to so her go to was to belittle the question instead of giving a insightful or helpful answer. I was the only person that she singled out this way and I could not understand why. Even my friend was dumbfounded. I sensed her spiritual journey was more ego based than actually heart based. From what I could see and feel she wanted to be enlightened and I made her uncomfortable with my question because it showed her she didn’t know everything as she thought she did. I was a mirror reflecting something back to her and she didn’t like that. She still had a lot of learning to do. A compassionate and enlightened person would have said something like “that’s interesting, I’ve never heard of that. I’ll do some research and get back to you”. But her instinct was to belittle the question instead of nurturing growth and expansion. Learning with me instead of mocking what she didn’t know or understand.
I was a bit angry at first to be the only one she singled out but once I shifted my “why did this happen to me?” To “what is this teaching me?” I got my answer. This was my lesson and she and I both, the teacher.
A great teacher knows that they don’t know everything. That leaves room for expansion. If you know everything, there is no growth, no expansion.
On this journey I’ve been fortunate enough to have the ability to see clearly. See through the intentions of others. Even though I see their intention isn’t pure I still interact with them because without interaction there is no learning. And what I learned was that not everyone on a spiritual path is coming from a heart space or from a place of love.
You can meditate all day with the Dalai Lama but if your heart isn’t open you can still be apathetic towards others. You can still be an asshole. Still have unhealthy ego. Still hurt others. Still be selfish. Still not know everything. You are still human after all.
I see so many spiritual teachers out there with closed hearts. Their third eye is ajar but their heart is closed. Many with egos out of control. You can be psychic and still have bad intentions. Not every psychic is coming from a heart space or place of love. How do they speak? How do they talk to others? How do they conduct business? How do they teach? What information do they share? Fear or love? These are big questions to ask when you are seeking spiritual guidance and when considering finding a mentor on your journey. 
I received a very clear clairaudient message a while ago that said “be mindful of where you get your spiritual information from because not everyone has pure intentions”. And the more people are waking up the more I’m seeing why this message came through so clearly.
We are given these gifts because they were entrusted to us to help us guide others on their journey. To help guide ourselves on this journey. Are the people you seek spiritual guidance from coming from a space of love or ego? Fear or love? Are they mostly about making money with these gifts or about guiding others on their own journey? (Side note: there is nothing wrong with making money with your gifts, energy exchange is how we survive but if it’s solely to make money, there is a heart chakra imbalance there.) Are they coming from a heart centered humanitarian space (“I’m a humble servant of humanity”) or an unhealthy ego space? (“Look at me, I’m a messenger from God!”) It’s about balance. Give and take, take and give. Help each other grow, help each other live. 
What the yoga monk taught me was to discern who I let in my energetic space. Discern who I receive information from. It’s okay if someone doesn’t understand my journey. They are not meant to just yet. Not everyone who meditates, knows the Dalai Lama, does psychedelics, works on their Chakras, is psychic, or has the title of “guru”, “coach”, “monk” etc. has my best interest at heart. 
Some of these aforementioned people may only be about themselves. Some may be there to subconsciously sabotage your journey. Some may lead you astray or further away from your path. Some may teach you how NOT to be. A mirror reflection of things that need changing. And some may just be there to press your buttons to see how you react. Are you empowered by this interaction or do you become the victim?
I could have let her make me feel like a victim. Make me feel dumb for asking a valid question. Make me never ask questions again. But I didn’t. She was another avatar in the game that I needed pass to level up. 
Today when I saw the geometric pattens on the list of ascension symptoms I thought of her. And today I thank her for her part in my journey… our journey. 
Moral of the story here is not everyone who claims to be enlightened actually is. Not everyone who claims to be spiritually evolved, actually is. Not everyone who claims to be an ascended being actually is. Many wear masks. Many live in delusions. As your third eye begins to open you will see the truth of who they really are. The truth of their intentions. Truth versus illusion, delusion and paranoia. And that truth is only revealed to those with an open heart center. The veil will be lifted, you will see who has your best intentions at heart. You will feel it. Not everyone has your heart so you must use discernment when seeking spiritual guidance from others. Use your gut and heart in unison to discern the best mentors and path for you. All the answers you seek are inside you. And anything external is just validation of what you already know. 
And once you have reached that state of peace, nobody can bring you down to their level unless you allow them to. Unless you know that by interacting with them they will somehow aid you in your growth.
Thank you for reading. Have a beautiful day everyone. 💜🙏🏽💜

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One comment on “Not All That Glitters Is Gold

  1. Roman Vega on said:

    I just read your blog about the Buddhist monk who studied under the Dali Lama. It sucks that you were belittled just for asking about the geometric figures you see when you meditate. You handled the situation perfectly by not getting mad or defensive. You don’t need to get your eyes checked. I also saw geometric figures the first time I drank plant medicine a year and a half ago. I visited a beautiful resort in Costa Rica called Rythmia. When I drank the plant medicine, all my senses were heightened and I saw geometric figures when my eyes were closed. I had so many profound experiences that week. I visited the resort again this past February 2021.
    You have a great gift Marcy! Keep doing what you’re doing. The right people are listening 🙏🏻.