Ancient Animal Wisdom Oracle Reading


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Ancient Animal Wisdom Oracle Reading

The energy and esoteric wisdom of 38 animal spirit guides from Africa are captured in this beautiful deck. The symbolism is also aligned with traditional numerology, increasing the power of each card for use in both meditation, and tarot divination. This reading will help you connect with your own intuition and find clarity in any situation. Each card communicates a powerful message through Jada Fire’s vibrant artwork and Stacy James inspirational passages.

According to the deck, you may only do a spirit animal selection one time in your life, however you may use the deck for oracle purposes at any time to seek guidance.

This reading will use 3 cards, 2 that you and the universe select and 1 that is the number correlating to your life path number. I will have you pick 2 numbers between 1 and 38. Those numbers will determine the cards I select for you. This reading will be delivered via a brief video or a 1-2 page pdf file, your choice. This is a very short but sweet reading for anyone who wants to connect with their spirit animal.


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