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Personalized numerology booklet for Adults, Couples or Children. Message me the full name on you, your partner’s or your child’s birth certificate, full birthday and your email. When I am finished with your reading I will email it to you in PDF format for you to highlight and review whenever you like.
The report will include your core numbers including your Life Path, Destiny, Personality, Soul, Birthday, and Attitude numbers.  Along with a description of each number, your challenge numbers, karmic lessons, compatible numbers, your strengths/weaknesses, your life lessons and ways to overcome the obstacles in your path.
I will also include some positive affirmations for your core numbers and a special notes section from me to you. 😀

As a bonus I will be including my numerology ebook “Healing With Numbers” as a free gift to you for your support. <3

“The core of your greatness is encoded in your name and birthday. It’s time for you to realize your greatness.” -Maricela Mendoza 


Notes: Please allow one week for the completion of your order. May arrive sooner depending on quantity of orders in queue.

Couple’s readings are priced at $88.88 


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